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Many people find that a bright, white smile says a lot about them. Unfortunately age, tobacco use as well as certain foods and dark beverages can stain your teeth or dull your smile. The general cause of staining and your whitening goals will go a long way to determine what tooth-whitening products or procedures are right for you.

Retail brands of tooth-whitening toothpaste tend to be a popular option for dealing with teeth that have minor surface stains. At the same time, the whitening compounds in these toothpastes simply aren’t strong enough to deal with teeth that have moderate or deeply stained teeth.

Teeth-whitening strips have stronger concentrations of whitening compounds such as bleach or peroxide in them. The strips can be applied directly to the teeth in your smile. They are kept in place for around 30 to 45 minutes, depending on the manufacturer. Many people like the strips because they can be worn anywhere and they are hard for the casual observer to notice.

Whitening gel is sometimes stronger than strips. This is a procedure you do at home. The gel is poured into a tray and inserted into the mouth. You will need to remove excess gel from around the gum line with a cotton swab. The concentration of these bleaching products is stronger than whitening toothpaste, but it is not as strong as what is available to you at the dentist.

The most effective way to get a bright, white smile is to get a tooth-bleaching procedure from your dentist. In this procedure, your dentist bleaches your teeth during an in-office procedure.

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