At E.P. True Dental, we focus on providing high-quality general dentistry services to meet the needs of our patients. Dr. Olberding takes the time to educate each patient about all dental care options so he or she can make informed decisions. Some of the services and products we offer include:


Under Armour Mouth Guard

Under Armour Mouth Guards offer protection to your teeth and jaw. Stress from clenching or injury can lead to irreparable damage. With Under Armour Mouth Guard, you can play at your optimum performance.


Traditional detection of tooth decay includes a clinical & radiographic exam. Today, we use advancements like that of the Diagnodent to detect concerns earlier.

If you would like to learn more about how DIAGNOdent technology can help enhance your dental experience, please give us a call.

Air Abrasion Unit

Our air abrasion unit allows Dr. Olberding to remove shallow decay from natural tooth structure without the use of a local anesthetic. This means shorter and more comfortable appointments.

Intra-Oral Camera

An intra-oral camera allows us to take a picture of any area of the mouth that is of concern. With this technology, you can see what the doctor is observing to better understand your unique situation. This visual aid is key in effectively communicating the condition of your oral health.

Tooth-Colored Fillings

A bright smile is an attribute you can be proud of. Tooth-colored fillings are an excellent alternative to silver fillings. They are not only aesthetically pleasing, they are bonded adding strength to the tooth, and are less susceptible to recurrent decay.

Orthodontic Options

We offer a simple, cost-effective method for patients desiring to straighten their front teeth without having to wear traditional braces. Clear, removable trays are comfortable to wear, and they fit into your busy lifestyle.

Replace Missing Teeth

Today there are many options for replacing missing teeth to fit every budget. We offer removable partials, permanent bridges, and implant options. Please give us a call to schedule a time to meet with Dr. Olberding so he can explain all your options.

Whitening Options

We offer several options for achieving a bright, white smile. Options are available to fit in your schedule, your budget, and your lifestyle.

Oral-B Electric Toothbrush

We offer Oral-B Electric Toothbrushes to our patients. This toothbrush is gentle on teeth and gums, and works to reduce plaque and prevent gingivitis.


We invite you to find out more about our state-of-the-art techniques, relaxing office, and friendly team.