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With so many medical advancements and different technologies, you would think some things as simple as a mouth sore wouldn’t be such a continual irritant many people experience in their lives. Although most sores go away within a week, if it sticks around for longer than two weeks, you need to see your dentist or doctor about what treatment will be best to treat it.

There are many factors relating to what could be the cause of a mouth sore, and with the help of Dr. Pete Olberding and our professionals, you can get rid of this irritating sore. It could be the result of the types of foods you eat (acidic or too hot), underlying factors such as in infection or result of habits (smoking/ using tobacco) or medications, irritants such as braces, dentures, or jagged teeth.

Besides time, ointments can usually help relieve discomfort. Also avoiding hot/acidic/spicy foods is a great prevention. Speak to your doctor who prescribed your medication about possible alternative options or solutions to get rid of the sores. Consider getting your vitamin/hormone balance checked as well.

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