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This is a great time of year to help your younger children – and maybe yourself as well – remember oral health habits. With so much free candy floating around, it’s easy to forget what you need to do in order to ward off cavities and other tooth-related problems.

So in an effort to help you and your family avoid cavities, our team here at E. P. True Dental - West Des Moines, IA in West Des Moines, Iowa put this article of tips together on how you can remember oral health during the Halloween season and keep cavities and other tooth issues at bay.

Your children should rinse their mouth with water immediately after eating the candy. Once they are done, you should encourage them to brush their teeth.

This can also be an opportunity to reinforce good oral habits. Providing them with a new toothbrush can help get them excited about brushing. This can also be a good time to remind them of a proper brushing method. This involves holding the brush at a 45-degree angle toward the gum line and moving the brush back and forth along teeth and gums, in short, gentle strokes.

Flossing after brushing is also a good idea for removing residual sticky particles from between teeth. You can remind your child that the proper flossing technique involves working the strand between teeth, curving it into a U shape, and working it up and down to clear the area. Then, the strand should be worked along the gumline.

If you have any other questions about avoiding cavities in the Halloween season, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us today at (515) 224-9899.