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If you hate dental drills, you are not alone. With its sounds, smells, and connotations of pain, many people really don’t like these little tools. At E. P. True Dental - West Des Moines, IA, we take your comfort very seriously. To that end, we employ air abrasion as a substitute for traditional drilling in many procedures.

Air abrasion uses controlled bursts of air and minute particles to remove tooth material. It functions much like a tiny sandblaster. It is quieter, gentler, and less invasive than normal dental drills. It also causes less pain, sometimes none, so your filling treatment might not need any anesthetic. If you also have a fear of needles and shots, air abrasion can totally transform your dental experience.

You might worry that a tiny sandblaster in your mouth might cause trouble for unrelated teeth. We are careful to protect gums and other teeth. Also, dislodged material and particles are suctioned up by a small tube, so nothing accidentally goes down your throat.

Air abrasion cannot be used on tough enamel or deep cavities. But for shallow decay and cavities it is ideal. Since it is so noninvasive, it leaves more of the natural tooth structure intact. It also doesn’t cause the chipping and fracturing incidental to some drilling. Your tooth will retain more of its natural strength and shape.

If you need to get a filling but have been putting it off for fear of dental drills, put it off no longer. Dr. Pete Olberding may be able to use micro air abrasion during your procedure, giving you an incredibly comfortable and pain-free experience. To learn more about air abrasion, please call our West Des Moines, IA office today.