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Highly effective composite dental fillings are available for individuals who are seeking tooth restoration treatments for cavities. Cavities arise due to holes in your tooth enamel often caused by dental erosion. To help treat cavities, the placement of a composite filling will be used to remove the decayed material and help prevent further erosion from occurring in the area.

If you are in need of a composite dental filling, speak with your dentist to have one placed. Even in situations where you may not feel that you need one, your dentist may discover that you do indeed have cavities that need to be treated. Composite fillings are extremely beneficial because they will enhance the natural color of your smile and give you a tooth-colored filling in return.

Composite fillings are durable and can last up to 7 to 10 years before they may need to be replaced. They are also preventative of tooth fracture and are mercury-free. Composite fillings are also known for being better sealants of the margins then dental amalgams, which can prove to be beneficial in preventing leakage between the filling and the tooth.

To repair your smile with composite fillings, schedule a visit with our dentist in West Des Moines, Iowa. If you would like Dr. Pete Olberding and our team at E. P. True Dental - West Des Moines, IA to set you up for an oral exam or professional cleaning, please call our dentist office at (515) 224-9899.